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Thrive Beyond Traumas: A Guide for Trauma Workers and their Managers

by Margaret Bennett

ASIN: B077H5QN64

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So you love the work you do. You enjoy helping people. You have decided trauma work is for you. Or maybe you fell into trauma work. You love the buzz. Then life happens to you. A child goes missing, you get divorced, you or members of your family are assaulted – how do you cope with helping others when you are suffering yourself?

This book addresses some of these issues whether you are a new or experienced trauma worker. Written in an easy to read style, you will learn ways to support yourself and your colleagues.

Margaret Bennett is a social work clinician, academic and researcher who brings a human rights perspective to helping the traumatised trauma worker. A writer, trauma trainer and consultant, she has worked with trauma workers in Australia and the Asia–Pacific, and has trained trauma workers in the UK, Europe, Nepal, Indonesia, Aceh, East Timor, New Zealand, and Georgia (Russia). She has developed award–winning trauma services, worked in refugee settings, rape and domestic violence centres, cancer education and support, missing persons, and mental health services. She is a consultant to trauma organisations and their staff, providing context–specific trauma training, supervision for managers and staff in trauma services, and qualitative research to increase organisational funding. All while having lived through a range of traumas faced by many of those she was helping.

‘Margaret Bennett is down to earth and totally understands trauma and its impacts – especially inter–generational trauma. She just knows what happens for workers.’ Dr. Mary Lamond

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