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Re-store-y: A Scandalous Invitation to Leave your World Better than you Found it

by Doug Kliewer


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Would you like to have a different story to tell? Don't like how yours has played out so far. Me neither. As I played back the memories of my life, I saw pain, lost innocence, hurt, and emptiness. Oh what I showed everyone was a happy face, straight kid, trusting person, but what hid in the shadows, sadly was a not that simple.

Have you ever been lost? I know as a guy, we don’t ask for directions. The most important piece of the charade is that we appear to know exactly where we are. It’s what society and generations have told us that we need to be the person everyone looks up to. And we guard that ego with all the vigilance that we can muster.
But truth be told we have no idea on how we got here. What if we break down the false walls of arrogance and admit, “I am lost”, and in it find a way.

Admission of failure is the first step to renewal. Taking responsibility for that failure is the fuel to move us forward. What I discovered was an invitation to something rather scandalous. Despite my shortcomings and failures and the names associated with them, there was a different title that I was being asked to take on. And the invitation to join in on this incredible mission to help in the remaking of my world in how it was supposed to be.

We were all designed for something incredible, but too many times we have lived a story that doesn’t match that mission. That changes today! It is time to restore that original design back into your framework and join in on a mission to reconcile your world and leave it better. It is time to Re-store-y your life!

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