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Leadership Built On Why: One Simple Idea That Will Revolutionize the Leadership Paradigm and Transform Your Life!

by Anni Keffer


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Leadership Built On Why: A Guide for Young Adults

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. But they also come in all ages — contrary to what we’ve been led to believe. Too many amazing, natural, super-capable people are holding back from being the leaders they’re meant to be. They believe they’re too young, not educated, trained, experienced or knowledgeable enough to step up and make an impact. But they’re not too young, or unqualified at all. And it’s time to put that myth — and so many other leadership lies — to sleep. Especially for young women, the time is NOW.

Anni Keffer is an extraordinary youth leadership expert who’s passionate about inspiring young people step up and make a difference. There are too many misconceptions about who has the right to be a leader, and not enough roadmaps to finding your way to fulfilling your potential. That’s why Keffer wrote Leadership Built On Why: A Guide for Young Adults.

The book contains the key to transforming young lives. It’s all about finding your why. Your why is your purpose, your identity, the essence of what you do and the goals you have when you do them. It’s your power, and it’s your essential nature — and when you understand your why, you can define yourself, believe in yourself, and communicate. You can inspire people to action and create real change. It all boils down to knowing your why.

Keffer’s book is filled with models of people who found their why and became incredible, inspiring, powerful leaders. There’s a who’s who of changes-makers Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, as well as ordinary people from all walks of life, like Keffer herself. There are moving stories of people who fought failure and faced their own self-doubts and fears — and found an incredible sense of self was already there. It just took peeling off the layers that are the result of lies and myths. Many young women are especially vulnerable to these mis-beliefs: you shouldn’t, you can’t. But you should — and you CAN.

Leadership Build on Why also contains a whole collection of fun exercises and ways to explore our own beliefs and dreams, and shift from thought to action. There are questions designed to unlock your passion, tools for turning negatives into positives, and ways to leap from wallflower to wall builder, from teammate to coach, from follower to leader. Readers learn how to stop trying to achieve perfection and just do it. How to stop pitching and have true conversations that start changing the world. How to stop worrying and just start.

But most of all, the book is all about empowering young people to find out what their purpose and mission are — what compels them forward, what makes them speak up. There’s no need to think about the leaders of tomorrow when they’re already here today — and perfectly, beautifully, powerfully capable of leading today.

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