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The Social Media Handbook: A Local Business Owner's Guide to Dominate Your Industry with Digital Marketing

by Antioch Artis

ASIN: B0786S4P93

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This book isn’t just a how-to guide. It also features in-depth case studies of how the most successful national brands use content to drive sales utilizing digital marketing.There’s not much use for a social media strategy, without an engaged group of followers. In today's marketing age, your followers/supporters matters more than ever. Every successful business needs one to survive. It’s how you discover and keep loyal relationships with people remotely and in person. Rather than treat their clientele like assets, in many cases, businesses treat them like afterthoughts.
Antioch Artis sets out to change this dynamic by putting companies up to challenges that focus their paid, owned and developed media to increase the capacity, engagement and value of their clients and potential clients on a long term basis. Through research data and case studies, this book details how you can gain a competitive advantage and master proprietary hidden secrets behind the world of digital marketing .
One of the fastest ways to turn off customers is to serve them irrelevant content. Producing content is easy, but you must be sure that you’re producing the best content, targeting the right audience and delivering everything in the more effective format as well as being responsive to their feedback positive or negative.
Antioch Artis's “The Social Media Handbook” is a must-read if you’re a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur,a digital marketer or for someone looking for a side exciting hobby. This book walks you through the process of creating a digital marketing strategy that is the most cost effective way to scale your business. Learn how to draw in customers by creating content they actually want to engage with. By studying and applying the suggested expert strategies in this book, you will immediately see positive results within your selected industry.

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