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The Self-Aware Life: Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success as You Go Through Life’s Transitions

by Nancy S. Kay


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Are you living the life you were meant to live? In The Self-Aware Life: Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success as You Go Through Life’s Transitions and companion workbook, Nancy S. Kay explores how self-awareness is the foundation of living a fulfilled and successful life. Humans long for meaning, worth, and belonging. The only way to get what we desire, however, is choosing to live—every day—with intention and purpose. Simply put, we decide to be aware and awake. Sound easy? Well, it is anything but easy—yet the journey is very rewarding in so many ways.

In my work with thousands of clients, I have come to realize there are four pillars essential to living the self-aware life: optimism, humility, forgiveness, and gratitude. These four characteristics are embedded in those who live a happy, peace-filled, and fulfilling life.

With self-awareness, you create the life you desire by consciously setting in motion the intent to make it happen. The longing for an enlarged life—a life embracing more possibilities, growth, and freedom is often the catalyst for choosing this intentional journey. To be self-aware is to live honestly, genuinely, and purposefully to satisfy every aspect of your life.

The intentional lifestyle is deeply personal and ultimately unique to each human being. There isn’t a definitive way to tell you how to do it. It is a journey that belongs only to you, and it begins with self-awareness. It is an organic, inner working you choose to enter or ignore. You either stay asleep or wake up to the yearning that is beckoning you.

The road to living with genuine intention -the self-aware life- is bumpy and will have many detours as you go through the seasons of life. This journey is especially true when you are in the midst of any life transition such as divorce, a death of a loved one, empty nest, midlife, loss of friendship, and career change. Keep in mind, being human is a work in progress. Be gentle with yourself.

My heartfelt hope is The Self-Aware Life will be a bedrock of encouragement and guidance as you courageously choose to journey toward a more balanced, purposeful and fulfilled life.

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