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You've Arrived!: A 5-Step System to Bypass Your Logical Mind, Activate Your Intuitive Potential and Gain Perfect Clarity For Your Business

by Lynn Scheurell


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The SBA estimates more than 627,000 new businesses open each year (while about 595,000 close each year), and estimates there are 400 million entrepreneurs worldwide. The natural outcome is that business is becoming increasingly competitive. Entrepreneurs need an ‘edge’ to accelerate sustainable results.

That edge can come from practical intuition that bypasses the business owners’ conditioned limitations, transcends their comfort zones and helps them make decisions that are more aligned with what they know to be true despite surface circumstances or the opinions of others. Using intuition for practical decision-making in business has been used by very successful people to interpret their circumstances and clarify their thinking – from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Clinton to George Clooney – they just haven’t talked about it.

But now, this book shares a simple 5-step system you can use to access your own intuitive genius so you can take your largest vision, true potential and greatest challenges into next-level growth opportunities.

When you are congruent with your true potential and personal power, you will naturally live bigger, bolder and happier. You will experience new freedom through right projects and relationships that are magnetically attracted to you. Whatever you choose to do to add value to the world through your work will have greater impact. Essentially, you live from your authentic truth instead of your mental constructs.

As a natural result of using your intuitive insight, you can experience new freedom through clarity to, ultimately, have the business you really want faster and easier. In other words, you can finally arrive.

Lynn Scheurell has spent the last 25 years working with thousands of entrepreneurs, consultants and independent professionals and helped them to uplevel their businesses, transform their results, upgrade and attract right relationships, and spot new opportunities. She finally distilled her experience and expertise into a process and bestselling book that can serve entrepreneurs who are ready to break out of their status quo into focused action for accelerated results to have what they really want and have been working for in their businesses.

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