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The Power of Choice: Dynamic Aging Lifestyle: The 13 Elements to Being Vibrant, Healthy and Energetic

by Kitty Moring


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Getting old might seem to be predetermined, but what if you could change your default outcome and actually increase your longevity with simple tasks. Small changes to your habits. What if you could still run marathons at 70, look 10 years younger or FEEL 20 like you did in your 40's? In the exploration of these 13 topics- Energy, Brain, Movement, Self-Discipline, Food, Pain, Immune System, Sleep, Alignment, Motivation, Skin, Stress, and Toxins I share secrets I have learned in my lifetime as a Dynamic Aging Sexigenarian, :)
And no it has nothing to do with sex, ( did you have to look it up?) it means a person who has lived at least 60 years. What do I mean by Dynamically? It means vigorously active, energetic or powerfully. If you did look up the definitions you would be using an action in the BRAIN ELEMENT - Learn something new! It is amazing how tiny changes in the things we do every day impact our longevity and vitality. I have been coaching my family and friends for decades and now have chosen to share my SECRETS with you. YOU are far more powerful in your ability to control your circumstances than you will ever know. You control your future, it's in your CHOICES...

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