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IRRESISTIBLY FIT: How to Become a Spiritually Strong, Sexy and Firm Woman Everyone Admires and No One Can Resist

by Althea Moses


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Perseverance meets track and field in this mini-memoir and innovative spirituality-fitness ebook by three-time Olympian, Althea Moses. [Irresistibly Fit paperback books are available for purchase at Amazon and directly from the author.]

In this instant-international bestseller, Althea Moses shares the story of her fearful coming to America journey to become a record-breaking Olympian. This real champion defied many odds. When Althea was blindsided in her personal life, she had courage to choose faith and exercises to triumph over suffering and pains. With authenticity, will, strength, and humility, Althea overcame it all and her light shines brightly.

Learn how affirmations, meditations, prayers, and Ho’oponopono can help you look at your life as fixable, your heart and spirit as repairable, and body temple as a source of strength. Triumph over decades of pain and suffering by strengthening your spirit with effective mind/spirit exercises. Learn the two-day exercises to have a firm-body temple, and the method and nutritional choices to lose weight—and keep it off forever.

Irresistibly Fit is the first and only comprehensive mind, spiritual, and physical training guide for women to get results in little time. It’ll help you attain a firm body by wedding the spiritual with the physical. If you've been betrayed, blindsided by a lover, brokenhearted, bullied, put down about your weight and your looks, and disrespected and harassed at work, this book is for you. It provides effective mind/spirit and body exercise routines to help heal and build your spirit and body temple into a rock-solid one. You’ll be in tune with your mind/spirit, and body — and possess optimal health and wellness. You'll become a spiritually strong, sexy, and firm woman everyone admires and no one can resist.


“Irresistibly Fit goes far beyond Althea Moses as an Olympian athlete. It is the definition of an Olympian soul! Fierce yet tender, hurt yet undamaged, disciplined yet flexible, famous yet humble, Althea is a trustworthy guide on the path of physical, mental and spiritual transformation. So breathe, open, and let her journey heal and bless your life.” --Michael Bernard Beckwith (Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center and Author of Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation)

“Irresistibly Fit can be a life-changer. The author, Althea Moses, courageously shares her own personal experiences as a testimony to the ways in which spirituality, tenacity, and self-love are essential pillars in the quest for “fitness." Althea's distinctive approach to exercise is, at once, sustainable and goal-oriented. It is a must read for all seeking fitness and positive development.” --Scot Brown (Author of Discourse on Africana Studies)


MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH and SCOT BROWN, thank you very much for reading my manuscript and blessing me with your authentic-inspirational quotes! You've made me smile with immense gratitude and joy. Light, peace and blessings

Thanks to every customer who purchased Irresistibly Fit! Thanks for making it an international-bestselling book! Light, peace and blessings

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