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ENERGY FOR LIFE: How to Eliminate Fatigue, Stress, and Pain, and Get Your Life Back with BioEnergetics !

by Harry Massey


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Anyone suffering from the current epidemic in FATIGUE and STRESS or looking to find a new solution in how to alleviate PAIN, can finally discover how to pinpoint the root cause of their condition, and restore Body and Mind at the cellular, energetic, and emotional level.

Expect practical lifestyle tips backed by science, as well as the inspiration to reclaim your ‘get up and go’ and experience more energy and vitality than ever before.

Harry reveals all the latest research, principles and solutions in BioEnergetics, including interviews with cutting edge scientists such as Bruce Lipton PH.D., high-performance Biohackers such as Dave Asprey, and other movers and shakers like Ari Whitten.

Harry also shares his personal story: how Bioenergetics helped him get his life and strength back after 7 years of bedridden Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and then what he did to SuperCharge his energy levels to new heights.

The author makes a passionate case why BioEnergetics is the future of Wellness and Holistic Healing, and how SuperCharging your energy will help you succeed in all areas of life.

This book is a must read for anyone looking to overcome fatigue or pain, dramatically increase their energy levels, enhance mood, happiness and performance, prevent disease, increase longevity - or just upgrade their quality of life.

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