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The Yoga of Personal Development: Enlightened Lessons on Peak Performance, Leadership and Living A Life of No Regrets

by Mariko Hirakawa


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Are you seeking a path of PERSONAL GROWTH and LEADERSHIP that will revolutionize your productivity and your ability to manifest your dreams and visions? This #1 International Bestselling Kindle book The Yoga of Personal Development will reveal the inner dimensions of Yoga that few have in the West have had a glimpse of.

Yoga is widely known for its physical health benefits, but stretching and doing asanas on the mat is not the whole of Yoga. What the mainstream West understands is less than 1% of the vast, enlightened culture that is Yoga with a capital “Y”.

This book will reveal the profoundly transformational INNER dimension of Yoga, which covers:
•How you can heal your emotional blocks permanently and be empowered to take the bold actions that will move your life and business forward.
•Productivity hacks and habits from the Yoga Masters that will have you make Quantum Leaps in business and life.
•Tap into the power of Spiritual Leadership through the metaphysics of visionary thinking.
•Become a better decision-maker through tapping into Emotional Intelligence and Cellular Intelligence.
•Understand the Yogic Map of Human Consciousness outlined in classics like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and know yourself on a deeper level.
•How to use the Power of Meditation to tap into your Peak Performance and elevate your game.
•Mantras made easy to heal your past and enhance your wellness, clearing your subconscious mind of negative impressions.
•Beginner-friendly Meditation exercises for optimal brain health.

This book is for the awakened visionary leader seeking a path of personal growth and development. Overcome your limitations and live your highest purpose with courage and integrity, following in the footsteps of the Enlightened Masters.

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