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The Secret System: Unlock the Strategies of the Ultra Wealthy to Reduce Tax, Accumulate Wealth and Protect Assets

by Bruce Willey


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This book is intended for those business owners throughout the United States who want effective, pragmatic advice to help them maximize the value of their business and personal wealth at each stage of the business lifecycle.

Most successful business ecosystems have both a lawyer and an accountant. I've had the pleasure to work with many business owners throughout my 30 years of practice holding both titles. This has given me an invaluable point of view; having both background, I have been able to handle some pretty tough situations for my clients as well as help them become wealthy, or wealthier, by using ‘the system’ in the right way. Writing this book allows me to share that expertise with you so you can enjoy having more wealth, paying less tax (legally) and protecting your assets.

The principles and strategies included have consistently helped business owners grow both their business and their individual wealth, while protecting their property. Some of the techniques or concepts may not be of interest or apply to you, and that’s okay. The beauty of working with diverse and successful clients is helping them consider all options to create the best plan for them.

The goal of this book is three-fold in helping you maximize:
1. Your cash flow and working capital.
2. The value of your business.
3. Your personal wealth at all stages of the business lifecycle.

What I share in this book is proven through a lot of experience and it’s what usually only the ultra-wealthy can access (because they have the cash and motivation to do so). I want to change that. What you’re about to learn here works and your financial life will be better if / when you put this information to work as your own personal wealth strategies.

You don’t need to be ‘ultra-wealthy’ yet to get value from this book, by the way. The key is to use these strategies to make the most of what you do have and, over time, you optimize your chances for becoming ultra-wealthy.

This book matches my style – it’s concise but packed with information you can use. I want to show you the inside secrets of how the ultra-wealthy manage their financial strategies so you can reduce tax, accumulate wealth and protect your assets. I will also share with you some easy-to-use tools to guide your thinking and help set you up for success in managing your wealth more effectively.

With that, let’s get started – your wealth is on the line.

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