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The Truth About Scars & Roadblocks to Healing: What Every Patient, Doctor and Surgeon Needs to Know - A Guide to Lasting Results

by Shannon Eggleston


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A Special Note to Doctors, Surgeons and Practitioners – Unlocking the Cause of Patients’ Symptoms:
Do you have patients that after a surgery, have complaints? The suture is perfect, it looks good, but the patient starts to have symptoms that they never had before? Backache, stomach ache, foot pain – something unusual that seemed to come up after the surgery? I invite you to consider it has something to do with a scar. I have had a lot of success with scar tissue and we’ve seen so much success come out of treating scars. Every single doctor, surgeon and practitioner should know what we found at Natural Healing Center. Scars can cause arrhythmia, pain, backaches, etc. that have nothing to do with the original surgery. Scars block the meridians, preventing the body’s flow of energy and healing. When we deal with the scars, those symptoms go away. I invite you to consider scar tissue therapy – it’s the key to unlocking the cause of patients’ symptoms.

Are You a Patient?
This book can change your life!
The Truth About Scars & Roadblocks to Healing is a book to help you understand why your scars can cause you to feel pain and keep you from healing. It is a step by step book on how to heal your scars.
Do you experience any of the following?
•Horrible Headaches
•Diminished Eyesight
•Severe Foot Pain
•Back Pain
•Strange Phantom Pains
I have been doing scar tissue therapy for over 27 years and getting great results. I have seen all types of scars that can cause a whole gamut of painful symptoms; especially C section scars and stretchmarks! After scar tissue therapy, these symptoms go away. It’s important to know that when some people don’t heal completely, we are able to check the scars and find out how to heal the body doing scar tissue therapy.

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