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The Five Conversations Of Highly Effective Management Teams: How They Anticipate Threats To Achieving Their Objectives And Identify Opportunities To Exploit For A Competitive Advantage

by Ed Kempkey


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Business survival requires an organization to take risks; successful organizations manage risk well while those that don’t have ahard time achieving their objectives. Meanwhile, many of the techniques used by boards and senior executives are dated, lack sophistication, and are no longer effective in creating and maintaining an organizations competitive advantage.

Executives in every industry are dealing with growing uncertainty as a result of the rapidly changing environment in which theyoperate. Unmanaged, the results can be underachieved objectives, missed opportunities, and declining stakeholder confidence and trust.

There is a proven, systematic process that can address uncertainty and provide consistent and reliable results. The Managing Uncertainty System is a structured series of five conversations you and your team engage in to ultimately make the best informed decisions that support the achievement of your organization’s objectives.

This book provides a roadmap to help busy executives effectively manage risk in their organizations. The benefits of implementing these practices enable an organization to:
- increase the likelihood of achieving objectives; improve the identification of opportunities and threats;
- improve stakeholder confidence and trust; establish a reliable basis for decision making and planning;
- improve organizational learning; and
- improve operational resilience.

In this book you will learn the strategies that will move your organization from operating in a "bottom-up" defensive mode to a "top-down" offensive position that is tied to strategic objectives and is a coordinated approach that looks at all risk departments.

By applying the System taught in this book, your team will have a deep understanding of what your organization seeks to achieve as well as a realistic view of the challenges and opportunities it faces. Individuals will take ownership for action plans, and you will improve operational effectiveness and efficiency by being able to focus on what matters while encouraging proactive management with measurable results.

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