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RAISING RACE CONSCIOUSNESS: Healing Racism, Sexism and Other Isms (RRC)

by Audrye S. Arbe


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What propelled me to write this book? In addition to being nudged by Spirit and my own Inner Guidance, I took a look around. What is this fixation on race, sex, gender, religion, class that preoccupies so many of our species? Where is our plentiful joy and wonder at the magnificence of Creation? More importantly, what can we do about any lack of wonder? Who are we, anyway, and why are we here?

Personally, I am fascinated by the diversity and combinations in which we humans flourish — with our multitude of talents, looks and abilities. I love our creativity, our amazingly diverse yet similar energies and vibrations. To me, this variety is something to be honored and treasured, a reflection of the artistry and abundance of Creation.

Despite the beauty that exists within diversity – racial, sexual, gender, and so on -- some of us appear to feel, believe and act as if our variety is an issue, going so far as to behave inimically toward others who outwardly "look or seem different.” From where do these attitudes stem and where do these perceptions lead? Is separation along color/sex/gender/religious lines what an-yone truly desires in the core of his/her being?

It is indicative of a culture with distorted ideas about race that people can even figure out what looking alike and looking different mean. How are these differences of coloration interpreted? In a culture that loved our multiplicity of being, we would have a different conception of alike and different, as well as different feelings and vibrations within ourselves. We are in a new millennium. We have the time-space-place-resonance to be the enlightened beings that we are. The choice is open to each and every one of us.

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