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Life Mastery Playbook: Achieve Any Goal in Life in Less Than 5 Minutes A Day The Fun Exciting Way!

by John Rankins


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First and foremost, I would like to thank and acknowledge all the amazing coaches, mentors, and players who have taught me how to play this game called life. This playbook is a collection of strategies and processes that I've learned along the way through teamwork. I am grateful to the following people who've touched my life and allowed me to grow in different ways. The first is my grandfather, David Sterling who taught me what it was to be a man and to look where I'm going and not where I've been. My mother, Sue Sterling who taught me "Can't never did anything". Roger Sterling, who brought me out of darkness. My brother Loren, who made the ultimate sacrifice to look after my little brother Jerry and I in the eye of the storm when he could've taken the easy way out, but didn't - demonstrating unconditional love. My basketball coach Brian, who taught me how to look for and maximize the strengths of others. Navy Chief McMillen, who taught me quiet, calm leadership. Danny Rowe, who challenged me to be great with no agenda of his own and whom I drove crazy every day. Thank you, Danny, I am eternally grateful. The mentors, coaches and business strategists I've learned from along the way through seminars, books, and personal coaching. Tony Robbins for awakening the giant within me. Rod Harrisson who guided me to comprehend after losing all my wealth, close to USD$4m, that I am the creator of my life and all of my results. JT Foxx, the man who taught me to know my numbers and inspect what I expect. Blair Singer who taught me how to train people unlike no other in the world. Wayne Dyer and Satyen Raja who calmly guided me to connect with myself and God.Joel Bauer,who taught me one of the greatest lessons of all, that my authenticity is my greatest strength. Roger Love, who brought out my voice and taught me how to use it. James Skinner BBB, for believing in me as a thought leader even before I did. Larry Tannebaum who provided me with the world's greatest opportunity and tum it into Optima. AI Bessada who taught me how to create a game plan and adjust along the way to achieve my goals, again and again. Jorge Fonseca, who has demonstrated honor, hard work, and humility, providing me with a great example of leadership.

Ultimately, to my team- Optimo. My dearest Partner and friend Patrick Tang, who has demonstrated what a true brother is. We all have our favorite players in the game, and you are mine. You taught me how to anticipate the needs of others and choose the right players for my team. I love you brother. All of Optima and the tens of thousands of people I have worked with around the world, I am so grateful for the lessons,relationships and experiences I've had along the way.You have all been game changers in my life. Finally,I would like to thank God who guides me everyday, everyday, everyday.

John Rankins

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