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From Flight Attendant To Millionaire: “Keeping Yourself Off of Autopilot”: Discover The Secrets To Success, Money, Confidence & More...

by Kim R. Brownlee

ASIN: B078WM47P7

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With over a 20 year career as a flight attendant, Kim R. Brownlee lived most of her life at 35,000 feet. It gave her a different perspective, a different view on things. From that view, she began a search for what it takes to get results, be effective, and have life go the way she wanted it to go. With her college degree in Business and her graduate degree a Masters in Business as well, Ms. Brownlee knew she loved creating something from nothing but an idea.

She began by wondering: How do you bring it all together?
How do you make it happen?
How do you get life to work in your
favor and get results?
How do you come up with the ideas and questions, and then find the answers and actions steps to fulfill

She got her education while flying, she created businesses while flying, and she developed a charity while flying. Most of
what she does - - - she does well while flying! With her Midwestern upbringing, Kim R. Brownlee studied human behavior, science, entrepreneurialism, and business success.

She then turned that into a business and now flies the world showing others how to get what they want.

In this book Kim shares her secrets to success, money, confidence and more, and how she went from being a flight attendant
to a millionaire.

Her passion is creating something from nothing, she takes action and getting things DONE!

She is excited to help others get results !
Will you be next?

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