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I Love Myself So...: A Guide To Creating A Life You Love

by Cory Jenkins


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As a young woman, Cory went through several of the trials that other young women go through including the awkward stage of not really fitting in. Constantly searching outside herself to fix what she thought was ‘wrong’ with her until she finally realized that she’s perfect just the way she is. Then and only then did the craving to fit in cease to be such a quest. However, that definitely took a long time.

Her dream for you is that this book dramatically shortens the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. Through this book, you will realize that you are currently where you've always wanted to be. This concept will be explained.

The realization and acceptance of the fact that you are where you’ve been ‘wanting’ to be, is the secret to living a life that you love. Embracing gratitude, as well as developing the skill of creating dreams and goals that inspire you, will create the pathway. The practice of loving yourself and the art of acceptance are the keys. So put all of these together and you have the secret, the pathway and the keys to unlock a life you love.

In this book, she shares with you the story of her life. In each chapter, she highlights lessons learned along the way. Through reading these experiences and lessons, you will be better equipped to handle some of the challenges you face. In taking on the action steps at the end of each chapter, you will have the opportunity to take on your life. Get ready to create and embrace a life that you love right now.

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