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Bite The Dog: Build a PR Strategy To Make News That Matters

by Gary Schneeberger,Kelly Rosati

ASIN: B079V673SR

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“Whether you are a seasoned communicator or a newbie on the scene, Bite the Dog is a must-read. In his thoughtful and witty way, Gary has effectively explained and modeled the time-tested importance of the art of effective public relations. The value of his expert coaching on being the most effective you can be is incalculable.” - THE HONORABLE MARY BONO, Principal at Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting, former U.S. Representative, California “As a public relations executive, Gary possesses that intangible quality—an ability to identify an opportunity as well as craft and communicate a message in a compelling and captivating manner. He is passionate and throws his heart and soul into every project he manages. So it should come as no surprise that in the writing of Bite the Dog, he’s turned his blood into ink, delivering both a practical manual for PR as well as a wildly entertaining personal memoir.” - JIM DALY, President, Focus on the Family What can Superman, Moses and Steven Seagal teach you about the art of public relations? Plenty, in Bite the Dog. Gary Schneeberger shares 30 years of wit and wisdom on turning your message into news. You want the media to report on you and your services? This is your guidebook. You’ll learn how to create “man bites dog” stories – those that exceed and upset the expectations of the press and their audiences. Schneeberger unpacks why effective PR is neither rocket science nor dumb luck, through stories from his journalism and marketing careers and probably a few too many pop-culture anecdotes. If you want to become a newsmaking superhero, Bite the Dog is your gamma radiation. It has the power to transform you into a headline-generating metahuman! On these action-packed pages you will learn: - How the mediasphere is like a Las Vegas casino buffet – and how you can always fill your plate - The secret to making sure you, not the reporter, are in control of every interview you do - What “fake news” really is, how to spot it and how to avoid it - Why “spin” is a PR swear word, and “framing” is the essence of the art - The critical thing you have in common with Starbucks, Hilton, Toyota and any other brand you can name - How even mistakes like the whopper the author made in a CBS Evening News interview (which you can watch and laugh at his expense) can be survived - And why rerelevance may not be a word, but it is your goal

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