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Empowering Women to Succeed: LEAP

by Randi Goodman

ASIN: B07C47G35X

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Life is filled with many challenges and sometimes we must take that Leap in order survive. Meet 20 individuals, from varying backgrounds, cultures and languages that all have one common thread that transcends their differences; that is the Courage to take that Leap.
How do you describe the challenges of escaping a war region, memories of familial homicide, domestic violence and unspeakable trauma? As women, and yes men, we face some challenges in life that seem, at the time, insurmountable. Where did these authors draw their strength from? How did they overcome these challenges? How can their stories of adversity help empower you?
Empowering Women to Succeed IV – Leap will tell their stories of struggle, awakening and making that leap towards empowerment. Through a compilation of life-altering narratives, you will feel their fear, pain and anguish, and you will hear of how they persevered. By sharing with us challenges in their lives, you may see yourself. We hope any reflection will be met with a positive and empowering illumination or revelation by way of our authors.
It demands a lot from an individual to ‘tell what happened’, these authors with raw emotion and candour will tell you what happened during a chapter(s) of their life. Join countless other followers of the Empowering Women to Success series in cheering on our authors. They will demonstrate to you how they took on life’s challenges with a Leap towards a successful and bright future.

Ann Persaud | Amy Kwok | Andrea Stapley | Baljeet Soor | Byron Nelson | Cherene Francis | Diana Dowhaluk | Hailey Patry | Josanna Francis | Laura Avolese | Linda Procopio | Lynn McIntosh | Marise Foster | Marla David | Onika Dainty | Pantea Kalhor | Suzie DaCamara | Tana Dunkerley | Wendy Baird

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