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3 Weird "Marketing Secrets" Of Successful Authors On Amazon: How They Got To #1

by Shaun Hibbs


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“As a five-time author of books published by major publishers and a last ebook via Amazon I only wish I had read this earlier. And if you, too, want to have a best seller via Amazon, I recommend reading his book.”
— Kare Anderson, Author and Former Emmy Award Winning NBC & Wall Street Journal Reporter

"Very actionable tips and steps. Despite the scary cover, Shaun Hibbs has written a very useful book full of tips on how to get your self published book to be a consistent best seller.”
— Linda Lindquist, Author and Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies

“A practical guide that truly helps you learn today and implement tomorrow the very complex process of publishing a book.”
— Melissa G Wilson, Wallstreet Journal best selling author and ghostwriter to 120 thought leader, nonfiction books.

“Packed with wonderful information to supplement an author's knowledge of navigating the world of self-publishing"
— Kayla Krantz, Author Of The Witch’s Ambition Trilogy

Get The Top 3 Weird Bestselling Secrets

Are you an entrepreneur author looking to 10x your marketing and creating opportunities by publishing a book as part of your marketing mix?

If so, would you like to learn some of the marketing secrets and A-Z processes that Amazon bestsellers have used to get to #1?

If so, you'll get that when you buy this book.

Selling Secrets Used By Bestselling Authors

This book may not get you to #1 on Amazon, or make you a millionaire, heck, this book may not help you sell a thousand books. However, we can guarantee you'll learn the 3 "REAL" and maybe even "Weird" book selling marketing secrets that we've seen being used by Authors like #1 New York Times Bestseller, Brendan Bouchard, or former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and Author, Michael Hyatt, or one of Amazon's, and undoubtedly one of the best selling fiction authors in the world, James Patterson. 


Shaun Hibbs is the guy behind this, however, it's not really important who he is or what we say about him unless it's about what you want to achieve through reading this book. You want to sell more books, make a killing on Amazon, and have your writing efforts validated by turning your book into sales. Shaun'll help you do this, in this book, by sharing the secrets top authors use to market their books. Shaun's validated these top secrets from over a decade of experience helping authors market and sell their books, and build their platforms online through his company, Authors On Fire Marketing Inc.

Long Description

The 3 "Weird" Bestselling Secrets You Ought To Know

Take a deep breath in...

Because what I’m about to tell you is going to make you angry.

However, before we talk about how you can make money on Amazon by revealing the top 3 weird bestselling secrets, I have to tell you that thing, I just mentioned, that’s going to make your skin turn and your blood boil. You are going to have to hear this before you can even consider implementing these top secrets from the worlds bestsellers who are selling books like crazy on Amazon.

The Sneaky Trick

I’m just telling you before you read these words I have to share with you, that these words are going to tick you off but will help you change your thinking from your current methods that aren't selling books, or getting you to #1. This thing I’m going to tell you is the one sneaky trick that every fake author, slimy marketer, direct seller, and every multi-level marketing scammer has used to cheat you. 

Do you want to know what this thing I have to tell you is, that's going to tick you off, so you will be able to fully implement these top 3 weird bestselling secrets? Buy this book and find out!

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