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Reinvent Your Impact: Unleashing Purpose, Passion and Productivity to Thrive

by Chuck Bolton


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Impact is defined as having a strong effect on someone or something. You were born to make an impact with your life. Sadly, most people at work feel bored, disengaged and adrift – they aren’t having an impact. When you create an impact, you thrive. What’s the price you pay when you aren’t having the impact you’re capable of making?

The formula for reinventing your impact is: Purpose X Passion X Productivity = IMPACT

First you get clear on your purpose, the overarching principle that gives your life meaning. Everyone has a purpose – even if you haven’t found it yet. Fewer than 30% of leaders have defined theirs or operate purposefully. You’ll discover how to mine for and discover your unique, authentic purpose.

Passion is jet fuel for your purpose. Research shows only 12% of people are passionate about their work. You’ll be introduced to three techniques to ignite your passions so you can bring more energy to work and life. Committed to purpose and fueled by passion, it’s time to produce.

The #1 reason for turbocharging your productivity is to gain the time, energy and resources needed to live the life you desire. You’ll learn how to recraft your job and apply a world-class productivity system to equip you to produce massively.

Throughout the book you will be inspired by many examples and stories of people who are living lives of impact. You’ll discover, step-by-step, how to design a life of impact. To create great value for yourself and others so you thrive.

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