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Return of Christ: The Second Coming

by Jack Snyder,Pamela Cosel


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#1 International Bestseller in 4 Categories on Amazon in the US and CA, including Religious Biblical Fiction, Middle Eastern Literature, and Christian New Testament Commentaries in the US as well as Christian Fiction in CA.

An inspiring story of faith, doubt, redemption, the approaching Apocalypse, and the promised return of Jesus Christ that holds hope for so many.

Join renowned journalist Rachel Williams, self-proclaimed agnostic, on an astonishing spiritual journey. Confronting her own doubts and embarking on an unexpected adventure of selfdiscovery, Rachel finds herself playing an incredible role in the End Times and the Battle of Armageddon.

This spellbinding story begins when a terrorist attack levels precious holy sites important to believers of many faiths. Rachel comes into possession of a generations-old Bible with mysterious handwritten notes predicting further disastrous events and seeming to decode the enigmatic Book of Revelation. With international tensions growing and as each terrible prediction comes to pass, Rachel finds herself swept up in the harrowing events of the Rise of the Antichrist and the fulfilled prophecy of scripture.

Inspired by actual people, places, and events from the Bible, “Return of Christ: the Second Coming” weaves together authentic Biblical Scripture and original storytelling to create a gripping and spiritually stirring must-read. This exhilarating tale of redemption takes readers through remarkable twists and turns as Rachel learns the true meaning of the Book of Revelation and unravels the greatest mystery of all time: the Biblical End of Days and the second coming of Jesus Christ to save us all.

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