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Live Life in Full Bloom: Devotions to transform your ordinary path from the mundane and the mayhem into extraordinary living with Christ. (Bloom Daily Devotional Series Book 2)

by Mary Rodman


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Bloom: A flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty.God calls us to be a beautiful flower in the mundane and the mayhem of life. Mary challenges you to look past the tragedies in your life, your humdrum routines and your daily chaos to see Christ. These devotions point to His presence in every part of our lives, when we simply take the time to notice. On a scale of 1-10: 1 your soul is in utter turmoil and 10 your soul is in excellent condition and connected to God, what number would you select? Mary gives you the ability to connect with God on a daily basis, simply by focusing on your day to day routine. Whether your day is mundane or mayhem, you will be challenged to increase your awareness of God and feel His daily presence. Please share your thoughts about where you see God today on Mary's blog post—Introduction to Live Life in Full Bloom. Rediscover the awe of God’s creation of the white iris and be humbled by the hidden blessings that can be found through tragedy as you join Mary on this journey. When the Lord puts a Log Distance Friend on your heart and in your mind, what should you do? Say a prayer on their behalf! Mary shares how the Holy Spirit nudged her to pray for her Long Distance Friend who was in a season of grief. The phrase “remember the toilet” will become a reminder to look at the positive side of an ungrateful person or a challenging situation in your life. Chuckle as Mary shares her rotisserie experience at the sleep clinic, and how she was humbly reminded of the blessings in her life which she had taken for granted. Can you answer the question—Who Are You? There is often a difference between how we perceive ourselves and how God sees us. This devotion will speak to your heart as you learn to see yourself through God's eyes. This easy to follow, yet deep devotion is the cornerstone of Mary's retreat, "Who Are You? Discover the woman God created you to be."Use these devotions to discover a renewed awareness of Jesus in your life. Through her words, Mary will remind you to BLOOM in all of life’s situations. Experience the joy of seeing God daily and transform your life into extraordinary living with Jesus."What a beautiful devotional book! I love the wonderful stories Mary weaves throughout the book. She is a gifted writer sharing hope and the love of our God, who makes our lives far from mundane. Even in sharing about her bathroom remodel, she shares golden nuggets like, 'I pray every drop of water from my new rain shower head will remind me Christ washes away my sins.'" Awesome! ~ Doris Swift, Author of "Goodbye, Regret: Forgiving Yourself of Past Mistakes""Mary has a great talent for taking everyday happenings, both great and small, and transforming them into moments to be shared with God. She writes with feelings, humor, and a humble heart. It is obvious that she is in a personal relationship with God and her devotions encourage all readers to strive for that same connection. She uses her family and her own experiences as examples to show how the bible is relevant today. This book will be read many times. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family." ~ Michele King"Mary’s words are from her heart. I can see every story, as if I was standing there watching it happen. I laughed so hard at some of the stories because, life happens in unexpected ways. The stories of her family and friends are heartwarming. I am going to go to her site, Mary, and look for the “Blessings “so I can dig deeper into HIS words! Thank you Mary! I look forward to your next book." ~ TJG

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