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by Evans Kwesi Mensah


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Synergy and Commonality – ‘the key to success’ is a timeless, universal, motivational and self-improvement book that aim to inspire and uplift you. Growing up, my parents (now in blessed memory) often told stories to highlight the points that they were making. Much of the documented history was passed down verbally for thousands of years in the form of storytelling, teaching each successive generation the secrets to overcoming challenges.

This book takes a similar approach. It explores the power of synergy and commonality between people and how we can support each other to find opportunities for success. Almost all great personalities like athletes as an example have one thing in common – they invest a significant portion of their time and energy practicing and perfecting their skills. It is through the training process that they grow stronger while they explore and understand their limits. Each obstacle presents an opportunity for them to re-assess their efforts and refine their approach to overcoming barriers. It is through this effort that they begin to unlock hidden talents within themselves. However, despite all their hard work and effort, one thing is true.
The greatest athletes in the world were unable to achieve dominance in their chosen field without the guidance of a coach, who is filled with the practical experience, expertise, and lessons learned over time to help take the individual to the next level. This book aims to be just that. There is nothing new under the sun. Since the dawn of time, man has attempted to be better at something and was met with one of two conclusions, failure or success.

Over the last eight years, the author, has tediously studied and documented examples from those who have achieved significant success and from those who have failed and thoughtfully extracted practical examples to help you grow personally and professionally, as this book distills the key lessons for you for success. You can call this book the “Moses” of modern day, transforming the way you think. It will lead you through life’s bridges, and provide solutions needed for survival. The recipe for success is the same regardless of your profession, gender, nationality, parents, social class or the school attended; we all need one another to push forward. The author determined the power of diversity and how it exists purposely to complete a story in your life. This is for people seeking practical wisdom in this modern world, or at crossroads and do not know what to do professionally or personally, or need the inspiration and encouragement to sail in life. This book is your coach, use it wisely! And if you benefit from it, share it; it’s the human thing to do!

Evans Kwesi Mensah, also known as ‘Selorm’ is a happy father of three amazing boys, as well as blessed with a strong and supportive wife whom he describes as his ‘boss’. He is also honoree of the prestigious Washington D.C. ‘Made Man’ Global Leadership Award for 2018. It is a global multi -tiered institution designed purposely to honor the extraordinary accomplishments of notable influencers for their leadership and lifetime achievement in their respective fields of work, social impact and consciousness, and significant contributions to communities at large.

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