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Single and Sixty: A Reflective and Sometimes Humorous Journey of One Woman’s Quest to Deal With Divorce Later in Life (Live Your Best Life Book 3)

by Janie Jurkovich


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After 35 years of marriage, Janie J suddenly found herself single and sixty.
  • Would she be able to start over?
  • Would she be able to handle everything on her own?
  • Would she need a chiropractor after using the riding lawn mower?
  • Would her new business be enough to survive on?
  • Would she be able to find new friends?Would she get into shape without plastic surgery
  • Would she ever be happy again?
  • Would she find a new love?
This is a true and honest and often funny biographical account of Janie J's adventures, misadventures, and discoveries. Her life seemed to be falling apart but in the middle of rebuilding her finances, doubling down on her business, finding new friends, getting fit and yes, looking for love, Janie J kept her wits about her and more importantly, her sense of humor. 
Single and Sixty is a poignant, honest and funny look at one woman's quest to survive and then thrive after divorce later in life. 
Janie J writes like a friend who is willing to give you self-help advice in the form of sharing her own foibles and failings. 
This isn't a self-improvement book. It simply shows you how one woman applied herself toward motivating herself, building relationships, building back her self-esteem and even finding a bit of spiritual awakening.
But this partial biography (it covers about four years of Janie's life) could also be the memoir and story of any woman who has found herself suddenly single through divorce, breakups or worse and is feeling lost. 
It's relatable and encouraging to know that someone else has had a similar experience and come through it to the other side.
Read this for yourself or share it with a friend, just remember that it is not just you!

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