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Meet the Persevering Penguins and Pals

by Betty Ng,Moorea Friedmann,Jasper Friedmann,Emma Cheng


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This #1 Amazon Bestseller in three categories was written by kids for kids! Three amazing cousins wanted to share an engaging way for little ones to embrace diversity, inclusion, and what it means to be successful global citizens. They created this warm, welcoming motivational book for children that celebrates leadership and reminds young readers that every great leader began as a little leader, taking their first steps towards something big.

With the help of a penguin family, friendly otters, a pride of lions, a group of iguanas, a flock of nightingales and one determined gerbil, these young authors have written a motivational children’s book that is both fun and educational.

The simple language and beautiful illustrations bring the animal families to life and are sure to keep young children engaged in the bigger message. This book is perfect for reading aloud to children ages 4-8 in the classroom setting and at home. It can also be used for classroom discussions up to the fifth grade.

Being a kid today isn't easy! Give your children the tools to overcome life's challenges with a fun and inspiring story for all ages!

●The picture book version of "The Persevering Penguins and Pals: Propelling One Another to Success" with short stories of each of the different animals and their individual journeys.

●Check out the best-selling and award-winning authors’ and illustrator’s creative process at the back of the book. It’s sure to inspire other young children to follow their dreams!

●Social-emotional discussion tips are included to help parents and educators in schools, camps, early childhood centers, and after-school programs talk with children about the topics in the book to help them process and absorb the lessons.

●A must-read for pre-school and elementary classrooms everywhere. An important children’s book about diversity and inclusion presented in an age-appropriate way.

●Endorsed by Carmen Fariña, former chancellor of the New York City Department of Education as the "Perfect companion for mindfulness classrooms."

●Awarded the silver medal for "Best Book by Youth Author" by Moonbeam Children's Book Awards.

●Loved by teachers, parents, grandparents, family members and kids alike

●Social emotional learning and reading proficiency made fun for your little ones!

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