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Are You a Spiritual Entrepreneur?: The Six Shifts to a Six-Figure Spiritual Business

by Kimberly Maska


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Nothing happens by chance.

If you have picked up this book, then you are part of the paradigm shift. It is your duty, as an awakened individual, to expand consciousness and have a global impact. How? By creating a 6-figure spiritual business so you can go from serving a few to serving thousands and create the financial abundance that Source intended for you.

In this book, Kimberly Maska, will guide you through the 6 shifts that her spiritual coaching clients are using to create thriving businesses to raise consciousness and the vibration of the planet. You will discover:

*How to transform your spiritual coaching business and take it from an expensive hobby (which I know a lot of you have, right? You have been dabbling, so what you have is a very expensive hobby.) and shift YOU so you can create an $8,000-$10,000-and-more-a-month business while serving your clients at a higher level. Because if you are making less than $1000 a month with your spiritual business, then there is a vibrational mis-alignment.
*Why earning less than six figures is being selfish. Yes, selfish. You will discover why this is true.
*The real reason why you're struggling to manifest financial abundance, and what you can do to turn it around today.
*The one thing you must have to serve people around the globe and no, it is not more certifications.
*How to create total freedom in your spiritual coaching business. So you can work less while receiving more financial abundance, thus, allowing you to give the energy of money back into the world.
*How to do all this while staying 100% true to your spiritual calling.      
Plus there are five bonuses available for you in the book: 
  1. A personal tithing plan to help move the energy of money in your life.
  2. A money story exercise so you can uncover the real reason why abundance isn't flowing steadily to you.
  3. The secret to pricing automating your automated programs.
  4. A Spiritual Biz Success Traits quiz to see if you are ready to step out as a spiritual leader
  5. A sneak peek at my avatar manifestation script where you work to create and manifest your ideal clients. 
The awakening is happening now and there are people literally praying for you to step out with your gifts. Don't wait, get your copy of Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur? today.

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