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Musings on Leadership: Life lessons to help you thrive as a leader

by Tor Mesoy,Yan Liu,Lucy Qian,Nick Chatrath,Warren Ang


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Tired of reading leadership literature with grandiose promises and complex models? Disillusioned by all the hype? Ready to glean inspiration for your leadership from the many examples all around us, in our daily lives? In Musings on Leadership, we share anecdotes from daily life and reflect on what they mean for us as leaders. We have found that if our eyes and ears are open, there are great examples of leadership all around us. We have worked on the topics of leadership and leadership development for decades now. The field is vast, and complete mastery is an ideal rather than something that can be fully achieved. Every day brings something new. Every leader we work with is unique, and grapples with particular challenges and opportunities. How do we make sense of the richness of these diverse experiences? One way is to write. Writing can help us process experiences and it can bring clarity. Over the years, we have regularly written on topics associated with leadership – be it leading yourself, leading your teams or leading others where you have no formal authority. Now felt like the right time to collect some of what we have written into an anthology. We have given this collection the humble title Musings on Leadership. In it, you will find personal experiences and reflections – rather than monumental new theories. The musings invite you to ponder and reflect on your own experiences. We hope that once in a while you will nod in recognition, or even smile. Once in a while, you may balk and want to challenge us. Do. We welcome your reactions! Should you wish to get in touch after reading this, please visit our web site is this for? The book is for anyone who is open to spending a quiet hour or so reflecting on leadership and its many facets. The Musings are short – typically 2-3 pages, so you can easily pick this up and grab a ‘snack’ during your daily commute.

The book is awarded Amazon #1 Bestseller in 30 categories including Management Science and Organizational Change. It has also achieved #1 Bestseller in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

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