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Owning It: Take Control of Your Life, Work, and Career

by Kris Taylor


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If you have struggled with questions like these: How do I create a meaningful career? How do I make more money? How do I take control of my career and do more of the work I love? Is it possible to have both a career and a life? In Owning It , Kris Taylor shares candid insights on how she leveraged her professional expertise into a consulting business that has provided her with a six figure income for over 15 years. As the founder of Evergreen Leadership and now LEAP, LLC, Kris has built two consulting practices that enables her to do meaningful work, an income potential that exceeds what she ever expected and the freedom and flexibility to live life on her own terms. Owning It is for professionals who want to launch their own professional consulting business and who want to learn from someone who has had a successful small consulting business working with companies, big and small, across the globe. In this book you’ll learn why over 50% of the professionals in the workplace will be working independently in by 2028 and why those who are currently independent say they would not go back to full time employment at any salary! Pick up this book to learn about the workplace trends that make starting your own consulting firm a great choice for so many high performing professionals. You’ll be able to assess your readiness for making the leap to independence and identify any problem areas that you’ll need to overcome. And the best part is that Kris shares practical tips that took years to her to learn. 10 trends affecting white collar workers that threaten traditional employment Six personal and practical reasons professionals choose independence The Biz 101 Checklist which gives you the 10 steps to successfully launch a small consulting business A recorded webinar: 10 Steps to Starting Your Own Consulting Business

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