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Effect of the Biofield Energy Treated Test Formulation on Tissue Specific Biomarkers in Various Human Cells

by Jagdish Singh


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“Dysfunction of vital organs are the main concern for human health. Therefore, it is necessary to homeostat the normal function of vital organs such as lungs, liver, brain, and heart for better health. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the Consciousness Energy Treated test formulation on the function of vital organs such as bones, heart, liver, lungs, and brain in various cell-based assays. The test formulation and the cell media was divided into two parts; one untreated (UT) and other part received the Biofield Energy Treatment remotely by a renowned Biofield Energy Healer, Jagdish Singh, USA and were labeled as the Biofield Energy Treated (BT) test formulation/media. Cell viability data suggested that the tested formulation was safe and non-toxic in nature in six different cells. The experimental groups like untreated medium (UT-Med) + Biofield Treated Test Item (BT-TI), BT-Med + UT-TI, and BT-Med + BT-TI showed 190.5%, 56.3%, and 73.8% restoration of cell viability at 1μg/ mL in human cardiac fibroblasts cells (H”

Excerpt From: Jagdish Singh. “Effect of the Biofield Energy Treated Test Formulation on Tissue Specific Biomarkers in Various Human Cells.” Apple Books.

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