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The Imperative Habit: 7 Non-Spiritual Practices Towards Spiritual Behavior - For Happiness, Health, Love and Success

by Dave Rossi


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David Rossi was a man who had it all—his own business with annual sales of $30+ million, a beautiful wife, children, a big house, vacation homes, cars, boats, private schools for the kids, and exotic vacations for the family. Only one thing was missing: happiness. It was only after David’s life fell apart—he lost his business, his marriage, and his best friend—that he took a leap of faith and went on an earnest search for happiness. What happened? David transformed his life. He found lasting happiness. David wrote The Imperative Habit, so you too can move from dissatisfaction and suffering to joy, contentedness, and peace. The Imperative Habit details the seven habits that changed David’s life. In this book you learn how to shed old beliefs and make new ones, and how to practice and form habits, create growth, and eventually experience real transformation. By practicing the steps of the Imperative Habit, you can: ●Leave behind old beliefs that no longer serve you ●Deconstruct self-sabotaging behaviors ●Develop self-awareness and consciousness ●Create new goals in alignment with your true self ●Make conscious choices to drive yourself toward your goals ●Live a happy, joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful life, as you are meant to live When you follow the steps in The Imperative Habit, just like David, you too can make authentic happiness your true north.

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