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Breaking the Fibro Code: Move from a Life of Pain to Possibility

by Penny D. Chiasson,Penny Chiasson


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You can design your destiny. The power is within you to conquer a life over shadowed by pain and hopelessness. Have you been told, like most other chronic pain sufferers that you must simply live with it? This is not true, and I am here to introduce you to tips and tools that have proven time and again to help people just like you overcome chronic pain. There IS hope. You can loosen the grip pain has on your life and eliminate it! Chronic pain has been a hot topic in medical, psychological and neurobiological research for decades. This gold mine of information is often only shared at a shallow depth by physicians. Simply because there is so much information there. There is simply no time to go into detail. In Breaking the Fibro Code, I will reveal many of these connections and get you started on a journey of revealing your unique code. This is incredible information that is life-altering when you simply choose to use it. When it comes to chronic pain, or complex pain syndromes like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome you must look at all the areas that can aggravate your pain and disability if you want to control or eliminate it. The techniques in this book are powerful. I use them with my clients all the time. I have seen the results over and over. Epigenetics plays a role in many chronic illnesses. These are changes in the DNA that happen as a result of chronic internal stress on different systems in the body. In Breaking the Fibro Code I will show you how genes get switched on and off, and how many of them are under your influence. This is not a quick fix solution. I cannot do it for you. This is about a way of life. The first step is daring to get out of the box and do something different. To trust in the process. To let go of the notion that only medications or invasive treatments can heal you. When you combine the techniques in this book with your healthcare routine you will feel better, even faster. Are you ready to regain control of your life? If you suffer from Fibromyalgia or any other chronic illness, there is information in this book that will benefit you. It will change your life. It is simple. And it is your decision to make.

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