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Breaking Down The Break Up: The Four Emotional Phases You Go Through When Dealing With Heartbreak

by Belinda Rygier

ASIN: B08287G83X

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When we go through a breakup, the first thing we do is question our self-worth and “what did I do wrong?”

We sit in the whirlwind of emotions, rejection, hurt, sadness, anger and so much more, and this can drag out for a long time with no real guidance other than “time heals all wounds” or “get out there and meet someone new”.

I have to break it to you, time doesn’t heal all wounds, neither does meeting someone new. However, Breaking Down the Breakup does exactly that ... breaks down the breakup.

It is the love-coach that will offer you tools and guide you through the Four Phases of heartbreak with laughter, resilience, and motivation. No one has taught us these skills up until this point so without this tool how can we get through it effectively?

After you have finished reading this book, you will feel loved, happy and wonder why you shed a tear in the first place. You will also be equipped to find self-love and prepare yourself with tools to notice red flags in the next relationship.

What are you waiting for, you deserve love and happiness and this is your key to achieving that.

Lots of love,

Belinda Love xx

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