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The Power Of Your Dream Self-Image: How To Master Your Subconscious Mind And Live The Life Of Your Dreams NOW

by Imran S. Khawaja,Rizwan Shuja

ASIN: B0846685DK

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Dr. Imran Khawaja and Rizwan Shuja are authors of The Power of Your Dream Self-Image: How to Master Your Subconscious Mind and Live the Live of Your Dreams Now, a non-fiction self-help book that offers a fresh perspective on your real self-image, your dream self-image. A refreshing and inspiring book, The Power of Dream Your Self-Image, will provide you with the theory and tools that will help you sculpt your “dream self-image” to enhance your self-esteem.

Using the tools in the book, you can significantly change your self-image and, therefore, your life. The chapters in the book contain theory as well as concrete steps that can build your self-image and future success. Filled with great content that is easy to read, you will unquestionably gain a lot from this book for your personal growth.

What Can You Get from The Power of Dream Self-Image?

The Power of Dream Self-Image offers a unique perspective on your self-image, something that can be a massive hindrance to your personal development without you even knowing it. How you see the world around you, depend on your self-image, but that’s your conscious self-image. The real self-image is beneath the conscious self-image and an only be accessed during your dreams when you sleep.

Your self-image can affect how you see yourself and how you experience events in your life. Your self-image will define your level of achievement, but the problem is that your "real self-image" is hidden behind layers of the subconscious mind, which can only be accessed in specific ways. The book teaches you techniques to go "deep" and sculpt your unconscious dream self-image by using some of the proven ways one can change one’s dreams.

The Power of Your Dream Self-Image is a self-help book which encourages you to follow other success author’s philosophy with a promise that using the dream self-image work will skyrocket your results.

Dr. Khawaja and his co-author, Rizwan Shuja, have written this book to work as a catalyst with other success books and encourage readers to follow other successful authors like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, and others. Changing your self-image will only double your results if you are taking practical steps towards your goals. The work will ensure that you don't sabotage your progress, which many do.

The book is packed with wisdom from other authors, exercises, and advice that will convince you to manage your emotional states and your dreams. Yes, you can control your thoughts, both the ones you experience in your sleep and the ones you have to become worthy of being you.

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