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Productive Profits: The Founder’s Guide To Scaling Your Impact

by Raul Hernandez Ochoa


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Productive Profits™ is the protocol I created and used to help business owners reach new levels of success, clarity, and impact.

Productive Profits does not only mean profit for your bottom line but profit that changes lives.

As a business owner, it will profit your mindset by relieving the stressors and frustrations of feeling “trapped” in your business.

Your team will profit as they have a clearer and more enjoyable path of working towards success.

Your family and friends will also profit since you won’t be married solely to your business and will have the leverage to allocate your time as desired.

Most importantly, your impact will profit as you will be able to expand what you’re able to do in your business as well as outside your business… so you can leave the legacy you were created for.

Everything, in step-by-step style, is in this book and I hold nothing back! Grab your copy today and start implementing Productive Profits in your business.

"Raul is like McKinsey but for entrepreneurs."
- Spencer Shaw CEO & Founder at PodKick Media

"I feel like I just finished an elegant conversation with Raul. In Productive Profits he promises "simple" and he delivers, without ignoring the complexity of scaling a business."
- Sheri Traxler, M.Ed. Founder & Coach at ViERO Life

“ ‘THINK like Raul’ - that’s been my motto when I go to figure out where I can streamline my business. And with one idea alone I found ways to save my company nearly $100,000 a year in cost savings. ONE IDEA. Don’t just read this book, implement it! It will truly change the way you look at your business”
- Jeremy Kean Founder of Sudz Fundraising, Spiritwear Inc. and Route 40 Home & Wellness

"Productive Profits is a fantastic read. Why did I have to major in business administration when I could have just read this book? Raul makes business simple and approachable through practical exercises and strategies to execute one's vision."
- Epiphany Ryu Operations Director at EpiSys Science, Inc.

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