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8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility: How to Lead and Inspire in the Real World

by Chuen Chuen Yeo


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The world is ever-changing in unpredictable ways.

Leaders, therefore, need to constantly re-examine their assumptions of what it means to be a “great” leader as old models of leadership quickly fade into irrelevance.

In short, leaders need an agile mindset.

But how can leaders become agile?

We need to update and disrupt past definitions of leadership. To challenge ourselves and test our relevance often. We need to recognize challenges swiftly and respond decisively, especially when our environment is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility shows the way by describing how leaders met challenging conundrums with agility and emerged stronger, using the Re4 Coaching Model developed by Chuen Chuen.

This book addresses the gap between theory and practice through stories of leaders distilled into eight representational paradoxes that can occur in any culture, contexts, levels of seniority or industries.

The Re4 Coaching Model, clearly illustrated in this book, helps leaders see their world with objective clarity, understand what has to be done and why. Through this coaching model, leaders gain the resolve and confidence to overcome challenges with authenticity. Through it, they integrate theoretical learning with practical steps and learn to thrive.

Now you too can benefit from the Re4 Coaching Model as this book contains exercises with guiding questions you can use to navigate your paradoxes. It’s time to grow and thrive.

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