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Why Don't You Like Me?: Unconscious Bias and the Changing Mosaic of our Nation

by Mitchell Springer


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Much of what is going to happen in our nation in the next 40 years is inevitable. It is already in motion. Major shifts in demographic trends will drive these changes. In his new book, Dr. Springer brings together an eclectic collection of stories and tightly interwoven transformations, which, when viewed under a common lens, reflects a vivid picture of a new mosaic society and the challenges we’ll face together.Our world is changing significantly. Our unconscious biases will have magnified opportunity to manifest in behaviors that will be better, or, divisively worse. Whether our behaviors are magnified as good or bad will depend on our awareness and understanding of what is happening and why.“Why Don’t You Like Me?” heightens awareness of the changing face of the United States. It addresses the significant shifts happening right now and as far into the future as we can see. This book does a deeper dive into why we, or others, may not feel at ease with what we are experiencing in today’s world. Our society can only be as good as the people who make it up. Through understanding, we can be better. We can help to shape a better country and world. In the end, “Why Don’t You Like Me?” addresses how we can be our better selves through understanding and conscious decision making.

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