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Soul Garden Moms Journal: An Inspirational Guide and Tool for Cultivating the Garden of Your Life

by Jenny Joy Tamera Arredondo,Aaron Arredondo

ASIN: B0888JJL28

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Created for mothers who are searching for a deeper connection to their soul’s passion and purpose. Mother’s on the journey of motherhood will find inspiration, guidance, tools, and exercises for inner discovery. The heart of the family begins with the mother, therefore when she models healthy sustainable habits, the pulse of her family beats stronger. May this journal serve to nourish your soul so you may continue to nourish your family! For many moms, raising our kids becomes the primary focus of our lives. We place our child’s wants and needs before our own in the hopes of nurturing a loving, healthy relationship. The tendency to put ourselves last is especially common with new moms. While the experience of ‘selfless motherhood’ can be rewarding, it can become psychologically and spiritually draining. Not only that, it’s simply not sustainable. Each one of us has a unique blend of talents, gifts, and interests that defines who we are at the core of our being. This is our ‘soul’s essence’ and is the fullest expression of our spirit, within or without our physical body. Our soul’s essence shapes who we are, what we’re passionate about, and inspires us to live a purpose-driven life. In many instances, new moms become overwhelmed by the pressure of parenthood and lose the connection to this vital, energetic force. We become so focused on our family, that we forget who we are. This disconnect can lead to experiences of depression, stress, and anxiety. This Soul Garden Moms Journal intends to help mothers reconnect with their soul’s essence. I firmly believe that moms who take care of their own needs set themselves up to be better parents. Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. I’ll also discuss how you can cultivate and ‘grow your soul’, by utilizing meditation, nature, writing prompts, and many other practices. So I invite you to use this journal as a tool to assist you in nurturing the ‘garden of your life’ by returning to your true essence. When we are connected to the source of who we are, we allow ourselves the freedom to thrive - not just survive. Downloadable Meditation included with purchase. Full-color images to inspire the motherhood journey. Jenny Joy Tamera Arredondo is passionate about nurturing moms, especially those who are burnt out, overwhelmed, and struggling with balancing self-care rituals and mom life. She offers one-on-one mentorships, group programs, retreats, and many other resources to enable moms and their families to flourish.

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