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The Emotional Dictionary to the Soulful Self: STAND IN THE POWER OF YOU!

by Ingrid Essawova


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What is your relationship with CHANGE OR LOSS? Do you carry emotional weight on your shoulders?

Are you triggered by family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers by what they say or do?

Have you experienced more betrayals, self-judgment, shame, guilt, deaths, than you can even count?

If the answer is YES” to any of these questions, aren’t you glad you picked up this book?

The emotional challenges with people and things are not the core issues of your life journey. They are merely temporary TRIGGERS! Believe it or not, the real issue is YOU! What you have to live with, what you have to live without, and all the changes it entails.

It is time to disconnect from everyone and everything outside of yourself and connect from within, to your true authentic SOULFUL SELF, where you always matter, are worthy, enough and deserving. There is no pain, stress, worry, or confusion. Only unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, humility, kindness and so much more. After all, we are here to heal and to serve.

The Emotional Dictionary to the SOULFUL SELF is a book that is in bullet-point form and provides clear, in-depth solutions to all core issues that any individual might face daily. On every page are brilliantly illuminating answers to everyday questions and an assortment of choices one can make when facing a challenge, including short and long-term effects.

The complaining stops here. The solutions start now.

Understand that all challenges are really about YOU!

After all, when you are angry, upset, sad, or frustrated, you are not yourself.

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