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Awakening: Meet the Women Birthing a New Earth

by Adriana Monique Alvarez,Abigail Mensah-Bonsu


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Are your eyes wide open?

Can you see and feel the deep transformation that is happening on a global level? We are collectively experience a great pause, an opportunity to re-evaluate priorities, beliefs, and what matters most moving forward.

It’s becoming apparent that certain skill sets will become increasingly valuable. In this book you’ll meet women from around the world who are experts in their field. They have the knowledge and experience, but most of all they embody what they teach.

Whether you are ready to look at what authentic work means for you, explore and tap into your spiritual gifts, worldschool your kids, or learn how to start a garden in your yard, this book will open your heart and mind to what’s possible and what it takes to thrive in a new earth.

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu
Bridget Aileen Sicsko
Cenly Wong
Chanel Morales
Charlotte Björndotter
Diana Beaulieu
Dominique Oyston
Eleonor Amora Marklund
Ellen Sirena
Emma Turton
Gabriela Brunner
Helen Martineau
Hollis Citron
Jacqstar Davies
Jem Minor
Julia Chai
Kavita Arora
Kayleigh OKeefe
Krystal Alexander-Hille
LaChelle Amos
Leigh Jane Woodgate
Leonie Laukkanen
Lindsay Crowther
Lisa Farrington
Mary Gooden
Michelle Aspinwall
Natalie Anne Murray
Peta Panos
Rache Moore
Sandra Suarez Dominguez
Sarah-Jane Perman
Sasha Moss
Saskia Esslinger
Sierra Melcher
Tamala Ridge
Tarsh Ashwin
Adriana Monique Alvarez

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