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HOW TO BECOME A CELEBRITY DOCTOR: 5 Medical Marketing Secrets to Help You Elevate Your Income and Boost Your Industry Icon Status

by Catrise Austin


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Calling all doctors! When I was in dental school, I learned how to practice the science of dentistry. I learned how to drill, fill, clean, pull, and bill. I was never trained that in the real world of practicing as a licensed doctor, there’s actually an art and science to building your business, your brand, establishing who you are, what you want to be known for in your field, and who you get to work with as your patients. All these important decisions ultimately impact your financial bottom line, lifestyle, long term success, and overall happiness! As doctors, we are pretty much trained to work with whomever we can get as patients. This my friends, is a HUGE mistake! Why? Because it leads to a string of “unqualified” customers which is frustrating and quite frankly, a waste of your time! And to top it off, if you are a doctor that accepts insurance, you probably feel the pressure of seeing high volumes of patients to earn a decent income. If you are like me, ultimately you find yourself BURNED OUT! Let me tell you, I know this feeling all too well. I have learned a lot about business and marketing over the past 24 years. There were some things that I did right when I started my business in 1998 and yet quite a few things that I did wrong because I just did not know. However, thanks to medical marketing secrets that I’ve learned over the years from the top marketing and business gurus, I was able to hit the “reset button” (in my case by selling my practice) and restructure my business so that I could attract patients who are high value and amazing to work with. Today, I work less and earn more with “prequalified” customers who are ready to work with me, who seek me out, and GIVE ME LIFE instead of sucking the life out of me! I want share my story and teach you how to attract the life that you deserve by boosting your industry status as a well-known “celebrity” doctor in your local town, state, or even nationwide (if you want it). In this book, you will learn these 5 medical marketing secrets: 1.Establish your personal brand and brand message: Separate yourself from the pack! Discover who you are and what you want to be known for in your industry. Leverage your personal brand and brand message to get noticed on social media and by other major brands that you may be able to collaborate with.2.Target your market: Riches are in niches! Identify your signature services and who would want them. Stop seeing "everybody" as patients and discover exactly how to attract “prequalified” "dream patients" that you want to work with. 3.Develop your signature story: Your story will help you make a connection with your target audience and make them want to work with you. 4.Create the ultimate business card…a book: Becoming an author will take your career to the next level by building your authority as a doctor and will help confirm that you are an expert in your field. You will impress your potential clients with your author status and make your competition look like an "average doctor".5.Get noticed by the media and make guest appearances: Build your “celebrity doctor” status by getting noticed by TV and radio producers as well as magazine editors so that you can appear in the media! Let your perspective patients know that YOU are the #1 “Draft Pick” and are on the “A-List” in your field!

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