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Decision Intelligence Selling: Transform the Way Your People Sell

by Roy Whitten,Scott Roy


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What if selling meant doing the best thing for your prospects—every time? Straight from the work of two expert sales consultants comes “decision intelligence,” a genuinely customer-centric approach that turns traditional selling on its head. Ready for bigger deals, flowing pipelines, and higher closing rates? This book is for sales professionals who are tired of the sales target treadmill and disillusioned with the old, manipulative ways of selling. Learning to sell in a new way, however, requires strength stronger than the hardened habits, routines, and mindsets that resist change. This requires a transformative approach—a wholesale shift in the way your people think about selling and the way they actually do it. This genius approach applies the insights of transformative science to expose a root problem in sales: the conviction held by salespeople and clients alike that selling is fundamentally a process of pitching, persuading, and pressuring people to buy. This single conviction initiates a downward spiral that leads to systems of thought and behavior that become dysfunctional and self-limiting for everyone involved. Using real stories from over a decade of field work , the authors put you right into the training room to break through those calcified perspectives in favor of a better way. Follow in the footsteps of thousands of salespeople and executives as you learn to transform your team and develop a consistent selling system. Get to the heart of client-driven sales with an exploration of: •Educating your clients to help them make the right purchasing decision •Aiming your brain to focus on the “why” behind your selling •Mastering your attitude to bring out your best •Generating compelling conversations that lead to real action •Building your sales team into high performers with an effective selling system No hype or hyperbole —just actionable insight from two seasoned executives who believe that selling is the heartbeat of business, and who know that how a company sells will determine its ultimate value to the clients it serves. This is a practical and enjoyable read, with ideas that are both fresh and timeless. Thought-provoking and even eye-popping at times, it will make you proud to be called a salesperson again.

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