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Surviving Remote Work

by Sharon Koifman


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If remote work is so amazing, why is it hard to thrive in the remote age? Today, the topic of remote work is everywhere we look. We think, work and plan remotely. Remote has clearly become a critical success factor in the business world. But still, producing outstanding results with remote work remains a challenge for most executives, managers, and team members. But it does not need to be that way. This book has the answers that will help you master remote work! Inside “Surviving Remote Work”, you’ll learn the tools, strategies and tactics to survive and thrive as a leader and entrepreneur in the remote age. Things like: And much, much more! Learn what distinguishes “remote mediocrity” from “remote excellence” and what it truly means to thrive in the remote age from Sharon Koifman, who, as the founder & CEO of DistantJob, has led remote teams in successful businesses for 20 years. He will introduce you to his philosophy of remote working in a humorous, conversational style full of real-life examples that will help you grasp the concepts in a fast & entertaining manner. Sharon has experienced everything described within firsthand, and made all the possible mistakes (plus a couple impossible ones!) — so you don’t have to! Buy the book now… and learn how to Survive Remote Work! Praise for Surviving Remote Work: “I love how this book is made for remote managers and remote workers alike, and that it comes from actual life experience.” - Amazon Reviewer “This is an exceptional book among a category of remote work.” - Amazon Reviewer “Great advice! The book is good both for people already working remote looking to grow into management and people just starting. It's awesome to see a direct, fun, and helpful book like this come out :)” - Amazon Reviewer

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