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Your Travel Bucket List: The Ultimate Guide to Enrich Your Life with Great Adventures and Unforgettable Memories

by Estee Gubbay


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Everyone wants to look back on a life filled with cherished moments they’ve shared with family and friends. But for many people, planning a lifetime of travel with such a high bar can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Where do you go? How do you ensure these experiences will be extraordinary for everyone? Many plan trips based on popular destinations and then come home a bit disappointed that it wasn't as memorable as they expected. What was missing was a Travel Bucket List; a simple but effective long term plan that motivates and guides you through one amazing journey to the next.
In "Your Travel Bucket List", you are encouraged to plan well ahead and your creativity is sparked with thoughtful journaling prompts, quotes, and conversation starters to help do a deep dive into why you travel and what you most want out of your trips. There are also inspiring true stories of other travelers' and families' bucket lists as well as stunning visuals to give you new and unique trip ideas. As you complete the book, you will uncover what you love to do, create a travel style, and set the bar high with goals of what you want to accomplish on your trips. The final worksheets help you set goals and create tailored plans to achieve your travel dreams.

Estee Gubbay is an experienced travel advisor who has traveled the world and curated enthralling trips with her family and many others in just this way. With more than twenty years of facilitating workshops on goal setting and pursuing a life of balance and fulfillment, she will guide you through the step by step process she uses with her clients to get more out or your trips and create those truly unforgettable memories with friends and loved ones.

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