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Face Your Fear of Public Speaking: The Proven Approach to Break Through Your Public Speaking Phobia and Enjoy Presenting, Even If Everything Else Has Failed

by Christopher Paul Jones


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How many times have you watched other people take the stage with ease and excitement? Have you watched with envy as a great speaker inspired and motivated their audience? Do you wish you could be like that, but at the mere thought of taking the stage you become frozen to the spot with fear or you want to run a mile in the other direction? Have you tried countless books and courses to combat your fear, but all you learnt was a few tips on how to present better, and none of it helped make you less afraid? Are you ready to F@C# Your Fear of Public Speaking? Then this book is for you! This is not a guide to giving a better speech Through a series of guided exercises, you’ll uncover the source of your phobia of public speaking and how to remove it. Whether you’re terrified of stepping onto a stage, standing up at a wedding or party, walking into a networking meeting with a bunch of strangers, or the thought of logging onto an online meeting and presenting over the internet makes you break out into a cold sweat, this radical and exciting new book by celebrity coach and Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones turns traditional approaches on their head by focusing on the root of the problem. You’ll learn how to remove your phobia of speaking for good I found Christopher to genuinely care and work incredibly hard to ensure that his clients get the very most from working with him and that they are freed from whatever phobias, emotional baggage, career blocks, etc. they arrive with. NAOMIE HARRIS – OSCAR NOMINATED ACTOR

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