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Riding The Executive Roller Coaster : Medical Staffing Cases

by Kelli Christina


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This is a fictionalized book based on real life events and court cases that went unnoticed by the public eye over the period of a decade in this country. The author plays the primary role in the book; the book covers the trials and tribulations of professional offices at their highest and lowest moments .The consequences of handling business and professional issues in the wrong manner or even illegally can escalate and destroy many lives along the way. Too often bosses and employees learn the hard way about employment laws designed to help businesses. When business goes terribly wrong, you can expect attorneys' offices to explode and many court proceedings to follow. One of my greatest wishes in life is for business leaders to learn employment laws prior to trouble, lawsuits, and mass destruction. This book follows the long path of success and falling in despair over lawsuits and loss; it includes all the important life lessons to be learned along life’s path. Our jobs and well-being can affect our families, friends, relationships, and love life. This is a life story rolling through some good and bad experiences and all the people you meet along the life’s journey. We have a lot of survivors and fighters in this world who can relate to the book’s title, “Riding the Executive Roller Coaster—The Cases of Medical Staffing.” Life can be “up” and “down” like a roller coaster; you just must hang on for the ride and keep going. As a woman in today’s world, Kelli Christina attributes her success to her hard work, education and determination. With 20 years of specialized medical recruiting experience and 10 years in business management, she is currently the CEO, owner, and director of recruiting for KD-Staffing. Ms. Christina created KD-Staffing on the idea that “recruiting is an art.” She has perfected her skills in this “art” through a number of managerial and leadership positions since the start of her career; she became a restaurant manager and a boss at nineteen years old. Before she started a career in recruiting, Ms. Christina obtained a bachelor’s degree in business, hotel and restaurant management from the University of North Texas. With 30 years of career experience, her advice to younger generations of women entering the workforce is to remember the importance of education. She also advises them to be strong-willed and to never give up.

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