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Desuckify Work: Doesn’t Everyone Deserve a Great Place to Work?

by Terry Gillis


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From the Introduction:
Have you ever been in a relationship—a marriage, a friendship, or whatever—that was going off the rails?
Most of us can tell that something is wrong, even if we can’t put our finger on what exactly is happening. We pick up on myriad non-verbal signs that the situation is going sideways.
So, how do you know whether your organization sucks?
Often, it comes down to a similar ‘sixth sense’—noticing the clues in the working environment, the vibe that employees are giving off, and the general feel of the place.
Sometimes, all you have to do is ask; engagement surveys, cultural assessments, pulse surveys, exit interviews, and similar inquiries can all provide valuable feedback on what’s going on.
Other times, you just need to open your eyes and ears: how are people interacting with each other? Do they even interact? Or do they sit at their workstation with their heads down avoiding contact with anyone and staring at the clock and counting down the seconds until they can go home? Are the few interactions that do happen mostly transactional (“I need this from you, and in exchange, I’ll do this.”)? Is the area around the watercooler empty and silent?
The point is, it should never come as a surprise to a leader that their organization sucks: the signs are there if you’re willing to watch for them, and above all to pay attention to them.

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