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Dashing Life Stories 30-Day Devotional: Dying to Achieve Success and Happiness IN God

by Elesha Storey

ASIN: B091G2N178

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Have you ever thought of your life in terms of a dash? The dash between your birth date and your heavenly return date is, by definition, quick, small, and impactful. As a verb, it means to run or travel somewhere in a great hurry or to strike or fling something somewhere with great force. As a noun, it is the act of running somewhere suddenly and hastily or a small quantity of a substance added to something else. Simply add “ing,” and the definition changes to stylish, full of spirit, or bold. Just like the word version, the dash representing your life changes for the better when you add “ing” (in God). You look better. You are full of the Holy Spirit, and you are not afraid to take on whatever life brings you or whatever you are called to do with your life. Through sharing my life stories, this 30-day devotional is designed to help you see that God has had a purpose and plan for an abundant dash for you from the beginning. All your life experiences up to this point were orchestrated or allowed by Him for that purpose and plan. He is just waiting for you to add “ing.”

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