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Don't Talk For Free: Step by Step, Selling and Closing Tools

by John Reger


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#1 International Bestseller in SIX categories in the United States and ONE in Canada. Including Information Management, Business Project Management, Sales & Selling Management, Sales & Selling Techniques, Small Business Sales & Selling, Office Management in the US. Secretarial Aids & Training in CA.

Sales is an art and it is a passion.

Those who are in sales are a different breed of people who are ambitious, determined, and self-driven. Closing a sale is a yearn, and salesmen do everything they can to achieve it. Do you know what it takes to be the greatest salesman? Don’t Talk for Free is a book that focuses on three main points to close a successful sale.

  • Nobody Walks
    Understand that your position is to sell the product or service to the client, and you must articulate your words to sound genuine and convincing. Customers are a gift, do not let them walk.
  • Don’t Talk for Free
    You are not an information booth. Do not waste the customer's time, and especially do not waste yours. Sharpen your skills to close the deal.
  • Don’t Leave Money on the Table
    Get the most out of your sales. Do not give away the kitchen sink.

John Reger gives us his secret techniques in Don’t Talk for Free. John started his first business at age 18 and made millions of dollars. He built detailed systems in the art of selling. This book is a glimpse into the numerous years of skills he has accumulated and the selling techniques he teaches in his companies. This book will help you put more money into your pocket. A step-by-step guide to get the best bang for your buck. These new tactics and skills will help you refine your sales techniques to exceed your expectations.

Become a true salesman.

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