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Cracking the Learning Code: The Science That is Transforming How the World Learns, Motivates and Changes Behaviors

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“Most of the problems in our world start with our outdated and inefficient learning systems. The Learning Code opens our eyes to what went wrong and how to use the latest science to fix things. This research is a game-changer.
-Robert Kiyosaki

Discover A New Scientific Approach That is Transforming How the World Learns and Changes Behaviors.

Cracking the Learning Code is a disruptive book that will transform your beliefs on how you learn and change behaviors to reach your goals and live the life of your dreams. It takes a deep dive into how our outdated learning strategies prevent us from living up to our own expectations.

Based on over thirty years of research into the science of learning, motivation, and behavioral change, this book’s purpose is to change the way we look at how the world learns.

Accelerating your ability to learn allows you to live a more joyful, fulfilled, and meaningful life. Plus, you can make a more dramatic impact on your work and the world.

Cracking the Learning Code’s cutting-edge scientific approach allows you to rapidly log information into your long-term memory so it is more easily retained and recalled. It is 725 pages of the world’s most comprehensive reference source available that unravels the mystery behind how we actually learn, remember and change.

In this easy-to-read book, once a broader view of a topic is presented, you have a choice to either skip to the next topic, or you can read deeper to gain a more in-depth view of the science behind learning.

This way, you can learn at your own pace and continue to refer to Cracking the Learning Code as the ultimate reference guide to this new understanding of how we learn and change behaviors.

Cracking the Learning Code is the ultimate reference source for understanding how we learn.

Cracking The Learning Code reveals the simple fact that we are designed with the biological capacity to transform ourselves and the world for the better quickly. It offers an in-depth perspective on how outdated learning and educational strategies have created a world floundering in problems and why so many of us are not living up to our own expectations. It is based on over thirty years of research into the science of learning, motivation, and behavioral change. Its goal is to help you accelerate the speed at which you learn to live a more joyful, fulfilled, and meaningful life. And if you so choose, use this more scientific approach to make a greater impact on your work and the world.

You Don’t Have to Read Every Page.
We took a unique approach so you can quickly comprehend this fascinating knowledge. You don’t have to read every page of this book. Once a general understanding of a topic is presented, you will see a special icon. It will alert you when a chapter starts to go deeper into the science. Here you have a choice. You can either “Fast Forward” past that section if you feel you have enough understanding to satisfy your needs, or you can choose to “Dive Deeper” if you desire a more in-depth understanding. This approach allows you to come back and revisit any topic if you decide you want more depth. Our goal is to have all this learning science in one comprehensive source to refer to it as your needs demand.

In this book, you will learn why:
  • Meaning is the Holy Grail of learning.
  • You can’t learn without emotions.
  • Intelligence is not what you have been told it is.
  • Without feedback from your body, you can’t learn.
  • You learn through selection, not instruction.
  • There are 7.5 billion forms of intelligence, not one.
  • How your Working Memory plays a trick on education.

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